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We believe the ideal provider-patient relationship should feel like a partnership. By educating you with detailed information about your medical diagnosis, your treatment options, and your expected long-term prognosis with each option, you will be able to make a confident decision that is right for your body and your circumstances.

Meet Dr. Dority

“I am a dentist who loves doing dentistry. I get to design and mill ceramic restorations like onlays and crowns in less than 1 hour. I move teeth with plastic. I can do Bioclear veneers, which is purely additive dentistry, not sacrificing or removing tooth structure. With the Bioclear Method, I can also save teeth that traditional dentistry deem ‘hopeless.’ I tell my patients that I am living my dream.”

Kristen Choe Dority, D.M.D. grew up in Queens, NY and has been proud to call Boston home for over 25 years! To learn more about her background, education, interests and to see her long list of certifications and honors, please visit the About Us page.

“I've been going to Parkside Dental Care for over ten years and have the utmost respect for Dr. Dority and her whole team. They truly practice excellence in dentistry every step of the way. One key driver amongst the staff is a continuous approach to learn new and exciting dentistry techniques. Medicine is always changing and I find it compelling that they stay up to date on the latest technology and execute the future of dentistry so flawlessly."

– Crystal P.

“I never thought I would love a dentist, but I love Parkside Dental. I've been going to Dr. Dority for 6+ years and have really appreciated her and the team's stellar service. I had my first ever cavity filled by them. [The procedure] freaked me out so they called in another dental assistant to hold my hand and talk me through it during the procedure - HOW WONDERFUL IS THAT?!"

– Steph J.

“One thing that stood out to me was the amount of hygiene education I received during my appointment. Dr Dority is smart and deeply devoted to her craft. One of the hygienist was able to communicate a breakthrough idea that now makes me think of flossing in a different light, as a result I now floss daily. I appreciate PD taking the extra time in helping me understand the reasons for the recommendations and not treating me like a number but as someone they appreciate as their patient."

– Tom M.

Innovative Treatments

You are unique, and your treatment plan should be too. We take pride in staying at the forefront of dental and medical developments in order to offer a range of innovative treatments to meet our patients’ diverse needs.


With regular exams and X-rays, thorough cleanings, and good at-home care routines, we can help you prevent dental issues from developing in the future.


Our restorative care addresses disease, pain, and function issues with treatments that include fillings, crowns, bridges, onlays, implants, and full mouth rehab. 


We want you to feel excited to show the world your beautiful smile. Bonding, teeth whitening, and veneers can enhance your smile and give you that confidence. 


We’re excited to offer this state-of-the-art technique for teeth restoration. It’s versatile and conservative and includes options for same day crowns.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Dr. Dority specializes in complex cases that involve comprehensive restoration and long-term treatment planning for optimal functional and esthetic outcomes.

Orthodontic Solutions

Clear aligners, rather than traditional metal braces, can provide excellent orthodontic solutions for many patients, including those with airway issues.

Health & Happiness

We care about you as a patient and as a person. With our team, you will receive exceptional care in a warm, friendly environment.

Whole Body Wellness

Exceptional dental care isn’t just about improving your teeth. It can also improve the overall health of your entire body, as there are well-established links between oral health and heart health, brain health, immune system functioning, and more. We care about you as a person and want to help you achieve your best health.

Calm & Caring

We create a relaxing and fun environment at our office to help you feel comfortable. If you are experiencing any dental anxiety, please tell us! Our team believes that excellent care is not only in the final result but in your experience as well. We will help you through your fears and address your concerns with understanding and empathy. Find out more on the Patients page.