Innovative, leading-edge restorations

Bioclear is an exciting and highly effective alternative to traditional fillings, inlays/onlays, crowns, tooth bonding, and veneers. It’s a fantastic option for many restorative and cosmetic treatments.

It allows us to practice conservative dentistry, preserving more of your natural tooth structure while also creating more durable, long-lasting results.

Bioclear uses a modern bonding technique that involves an injection over-molding process that essentially wraps around your tooth. This increases bonding strength and compresses the tooth, helping the tooth withstand the biting force better and thereby reducing chances of cracks and fractures in the short-term and long-term. Our patients rarely need to get root canal therapy, therefore increasing the longevity of their teeth (and their life!).

Conservative Dentistry

“I love that the Bioclear Method is purely additive. No tooth structure is taken away. Because of its versatility, it can often be used instead of a traditional crown or even in a situation where an implant would have been the standard option in the past. It’s technique-sensitive, and I spent years committed to perfecting the technique. It’s how I have my own teeth treated, and it’s how I treat my own kids and family. I love taking care of patients with Bioclear.” – Dr. Dority

Bioclear Method: The Advantages

This conservative method preserves your natural tooth structure.

The results are natural-looking, long-lasting, and stain-resistant.

Bioclear won’t irritate your sensitive gum tissues.

If chips or damage occur, Bioclear can be repaired.

You will be less likely to need root canal therapy.

Bioclear works well with our same day dentistry options.

Compared to other treatment options, Bioclear is often less expensive.

The above image represents a filling, an onlay, and a crown. Our care philosophy at Parkside Dental Care is to opt for the most conservative option whenever possible, preserving your natural tooth structure. Using the Bioclear Method and CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design) technology, we are are able to provide many same day dentistry options for our patients, even “same day crowns.” We design and mill your restoration here in our office, and you are fitted for it after a short wait. No temporaries needed! Our patients love this option.

Fillings, Onlays, & Crowns

Tooth decay is caused by bacteria in biofilm (a.k.a. plaque) that causes destruction of the tooth enamel, leading to holes in your teeth. When we are treating you with a filling at our office, we first remove the rotting area, then we fill in the leftover cavity in the tooth with natural colored filling material, called resin or composite.

With the technological advances of the Bioclear Method, we are now able to do an even more thorough removal of the biofilm before placing the filling material. This step is key to preventing further tooth decay. Thorough removal of the biofilm ensures that your filling will last as long as possible, and it can also prevent future complications and save you from needing a root canal. With Bioclear fillings, we are also able to do more extensive finishing and polishing, which is especially useful for fillings that are visible when you talk or smile.

When your tooth has decay and damage that is too extensive for a filling alone, the next step is either an onlay (or inlay) or a crown. An onlay covers part of your tooth, and a crown covers the whole surface of your tooth. Whenever possible, we prefer to do inlays or onlays, because they preserve more of your natural tooth structure. Full coverage crowns where we must remove enamel from all angles is performed only when the damage or decay is extensive enough that it requires it.

Customized Treatments

There are certain cases in which Bioclear and/or same day dentistry is not necessarily the best option. With molars, in order to support better bite and alignment, we prefer ceramic restorations. For high precision cases and some cosmetic dentistry cases, we work with labs to fabricate crowns and veneers. Whatever your needs are, treatments are always customized to you.