Restorative Dentistry

A diverse range of the best treatments

The goal of restorative dentistry is to restore the health, function, and appearance of your bite and smile. This includes minor, conservative treatments that go hand in hand with preventative dentistry to help you maintain your healthy smile in the long term. It also includes complex cases that repair painful bites, gum issues, and damaged, diseased, or missing teeth.

Our Restorative Services:

– Fillings
– Crowns & Bridges
– Onlays & Inlays
– Implants
– Sleep Guards – more info on our Preventative page
– Orthodontic Solutions – more info on our Orthodontic page

We are excited to provide dental restorations, such as fillings, crowns, onlays, and inlays using the Bioclear Method. This is an innovative, conservative, leading-edge treatment. Learn more on our Bioclear page!


Thoughts on Fillings

“Sometimes patients ask me why we don’t place amalgam or silver fillings, as there are many conflicting “studies” on the internet. Personally I am not a big fan of amalgam, because it tends to break and cause damage to our natural teeth. Not only is amalgam just a space filler making it super prone to recurrent decay, it’s also metallic. Metal changes its size – it shrinks when you drink cold liquids and expands when you drink hot liquids. Over time, it pushes on the tooth structure causing fractures, and sometimes a quarter or half of the tooth breaks off. When this happens, the tooth will usually need a full coverage crown, and sometimes root canal therapy. It’s very common for someone to have a broken tooth and need a crown after having had a silver filling. Composite fillings are a better option than amalgan or silver. In recent years, we’ve moved away from doing traditional composite fillings, and we now use the Bioclear Method for our patients’ composite fillings, because it’s superior in so many ways.” – Dr. Dority

Same Day Dentistry

Patients love that we are often able to provide same day dentistry options for onlays/inlays and crowns. Yes, that means you don’t have to go home with a temporary crown for two weeks while we wait for the lab to fabricate your final crown. Using our advanced CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design) technology, we are able to design and mill many restorations here in our office. This is convenient not only for you, but it also leads to healthier results. Because you don’t need to wear a temporary crown, it reduces your odds of needing root canal therapy.


Tooth implants have been revolutionary in tooth replacement. Even at the hands of the most experienced dentist, getting a bridge placed often fails if the supporting teeth end up decayed and fall out.

These days if you end up losing a tooth for any reason, we can replace that tooth with a titanium implant placed in the jaw. It looks and functions very close to a real tooth. If you have a bridge that has been there for 10-20 years, you should consider an implant as your next treatment option.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Some dental cases are especially complex and require a series of appointments to achieve the desired result. If you are suffering from severe decay, painful bite or jaw issues, or have missing teeth due to trauma, disease, or genetics, you may be in need of full mouth rehabilitation. This involves a comprehensive treatment plan that is typically a combination of procedures to restore both functionality and esthetics.

Dr. Dority specializes in these types of complex restorative cases and continues to stay on the forefront of advancements in dental medicine through world-class continuing education courses. She also utilizes the best in dental technology, including the CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design) through Planmeca which allows for exceptionally detailed planning and more predictable outcomes.

If you are a candidate for full mouth rehabilitation, Dr. Dority will thoroughly discuss the different treatment options with you and the potential for long-term success with each option, so you will feel empowered to make the treatment decision that works best for you.